Northern Rock Foundation

Grant Making

There are many hundreds of good causes that are deserving of support. The Foundation always focused on those people in the North East and Cumbria who most needed help, but who were least likely to receive support from other sources. It targeted its funds through grantprogrammes which had specific criteria. The programmes were developed by Foundation staff through research and consultation with regional and national experts in the relevant fields and in the voluntary sector.

Main areas of work for the Foundation were :- Financial Inclusion ; Homelessness ; Domestic and sexual violence and hate crime ; Older people, people with mental health problems, people with learning disabilities and carers; Young offenders and young people within the criminal justice system, refugees and asylum seekers and people who misuse drugs or alcohol.

Grant programmes also included:- culture and heritage; penal reform; capacity building for the voluntary sector.
The Foundation also helped voluntary and community sector organisations to be successful and sustainable by funding training and development support and carrying out research and policy work.

Information about all the Foundation’s grant making and work since 1998 was reported in Annual Reviews (here) and publications and research studies relating to many of the social issues and needs the Foundation focused on are available in the Publications section of the website.