Northern Rock Foundation

The Northern Rock Foundation

Northern Rock Foundation is an independent grant making charity which aims to tackle disadvantage and improve quality of life in the North East and Cumbria. The Foundation has now closed its grant programmes and is no longer accepting applications. Trustees are preparing for the likely closure of the Foundation, probably within eighteen months from January 2015

Between January 1998 and December 2014 the Foundation awarded £225 million in 4,400 grants. The Foundation has some uncommitted funds remaining and during 2015 will announce a series of special awards and projects which will form the last phase of the Foundation's work. The Foundation has already committed to invest £3 million in the North East Social Investment Fund.

On this website you can find information on the Foundation’s final programmes of work, on the history and previous grant making and work of the Foundation, and copies of all our publications, research and resources.

Loans For People on Benefits

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Information for existing grantholders

All grants already awarded by the Foundation are unaffected by the expected closure of the Foundation as funds are committed at the time the grant award is made. Please contact us if you have any queries on the progress or payment of your grant.

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  • Alastair Balls
  • David Chapman
  • Jackie Fisher
  • Tony Henfrey
  • Frank Nicholson
  • Mo O’ Toole
  • David Faulkner


  • Penny Wilkinson
    Chief Executive
  • Ian Rutter
    Director of Finance and Resources
  • Pete Barrett
    Programme Officer
  • Jayne Straughan
    Administration Officer